A beautiful Story

There is a beautiful story to be told about the Woodland Retreat also known as The Plantation.  Over 70 years ago Clifford Matthews had the opportunity to buy this piece of woodland for £100.00 which was the price of a black and white T.V.  He decided to buy the woodland for his four sons to play in rather than a T.V. The four boys enjoyed many days playing in the woods, the stream and learning about and being in nature.
As the four boys grew up Christopher Matthews the third eldest son had a strong connection to the land and often stayed here in his caravan. He asked Clifford if he could buy it from him to build his dream family home to raise his own children.
At the age of 24 Christopher built this amazing home where his children lived here and grew up in the woodland playing in the stream and the trees and learning about nature.  His children would often be in the woodland just being amongst nature.  They led a very privileged and blessed upbringing to grow up in the woods rather than with the T.V.
 His vision was that the woodland would be enjoyed by adults and children to connect them to nature rather than be connected to the television.
Today we carry on that vision as we create a place where people can disconnect from the modern world of computers, T.V, i-phone so they can connect with themselves, each other and nature. What a wonderful vision to be carried forth through the generations.


Clifford and Betty Matthews