The Story Behind The Shala

The Shala building was originally built as a boat shed for a beautiful Squib. It was built by Maitris Dad, Chris Matthews and his friend Alec many years ago. They spent a whole week constructing the building, paying great detail to the structure and look of the building with lovely beams made of strong wood.

Over the years the boat left to be homed else where and the building began to fill up with clutter. There where piles and piles of boat parts, masts, sails, nuts and bolts a lot of dust and rust!

At the time Maitri has moved to  The Plantation (aka The Woodland Retreat) and needed somewhere to teach her students yoga. There where no other venues available at the time so she asked permission from her father (Chris) to sort it out and use the building.

Maitris mother died some years before from a long illness of cancer lasting 10 years and had left her some money.  It had been sat in her account for some time. Her intention was to use the money to help others.  This seemed like the perfect time to use the money to restore the building and create a wonderful space for people to practice yoga and to come back to their natural state of health and wellbeing.

So Maitri set about cleaning the clutter, spending days sorting out and re-homing all these bits and pieces inside, which was quite a task in itself!

She then set about designing the space, sourcing the materials and equipment and set on task getting to work.  She had lots of help from her Uncle Michael who was so patience and kind in this very new process of transformation. Her Dad to was a great support and her friends, Simon who helped lay the heated flooring and Christian who painted and decorated the space.  It was quite an undertaking but worth it all.

The space was transformed in about 6 months and ready to use to teach her yoga classes. Now its being used by many other people as they share yoga techniques and other wonderful practices for peoples health and wellbeing.