Information and Terms and Conditions for hiring the bell tent

Thank you for making a booking with us and we really hope you have a wonderful stay here in this very special place.  More Info can be found here at The Woodland Retreat .

Please find enclosed map on how to get here, terms and conditions which you automatically agreed to by booking (please do read and ask if any quires we are here to help).  Please let us know when you will be here so we can arrange a time to meet you 07584438009, please do call if they are any problems.

There is no sat nav post code so you will need to find Ashlake Copse Lane which runs off Kite Hill as seen in map below. Once you have found Ashlake Copse Lane you continue straight on and take the first right into the woods. You will find the bell tent the left with parking opposite on the right.

You are welcome to join a yoga class these are charged at £8.00 for a drop in class or if you would like a 1:1 yoga class, please do let us know and we can arrange a time for you. If you would like a vegan hamper please let us know in advance all info here Vegan Hamper. You will need to bring your own wood for the fire or you can buy charcoal from the local Tesco 

Bell Tent Terms and Conditions for hire

The Beautiful Woodland Bell Tent

Address: The Plantation, Ashlake Copse Lane, Fishbourne Isle of Wight. Please note the directions to the bell tent are different to the map on the retreat page. Please follow the map.

We really hope you have a wonderful time. Before you join us please read this important information and email us to confirm you have read this info and you understand that by booking you have entered into a binding contract with us which is enclosed in this information. We have created this to give you and The Woodland Retreat clarity and understanding for both parties. Without an email confirmation from you stating you have read and understood these conditions, we are unable to hold your booking.

When booking accommodation with The Woodland Retreat, The Plantation you are agreeing to enter into a binding contract with us.

References to ‘us’ and ‘we’ in these Conditions relate to The Woodland Retreat, The Plantation and references to ‘you’ or ‘your’ relate to the person making the booking and all members of that person’s party. When we email confirmation of a reservation to you, we enter into a contract with you, which is subject to these Booking Conditions.

The Woodland Retreat, The Plantation, Maitri Clare Matthews accepts no liability for loss or damage to possessions and/or death or personal injury. In making this booking you are accepting full responsibility for yourself, you’re booking party, your children and you are agreeing to abide by our Terms and Conditions, a copy of this can be found on website.

All cars, vehicles, motorbikes, bikes or other vehicles are parked at their owner’s risk. The Woodland Retreat, The Plantation, Maitri Clare Matthews accepts no liability for loss or damage to cars, vehicles, motorbikes, bikes or other vehicles. There are details on where you must park your vehicle on the website which you must read and understand before you come so you know exactly where you are going. We cannot guarantee someone will be here to show you where to park.

Travel Insurance

We recommend insurance to cover cancellation, loss, damage or injury. As a small business, we are not able to act as your insurers and re-arrange your stay due to your changes in personal circumstances. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if weather conditions are not safe for your stay, this may be up to 1 hours notice.


We regret that pets are not permitted at The Woodland Retreat.

Arrival and Departure

Arrival time for The Bell Tent is between 16.00 and 20.00. The Bell Tent must be vacated by 11:00 am. Alternative times can occasionally be arranged on request via the office.  Please let us know if you expect to arrive late or are delayed. If you do not contact us and you have not arrived by noon on the day following the booking start date we will treat you’re booking as having been cancelled by you and you will not be entitled to any refund. We would like to greet you so we can meet you and show you around. Please let us know the time you will arrive so we can make sure we are here. Please send us a text on 07584438009 just saying that you have booked the bell tent and you would like to arrange to meet us.

Noise levels and conduct

We operate small scale quiet, relaxed and laid back retreat. All electronic music and percussion instruments of any kind are not aloud. Loud noise doesn’t fit into the vibe of communal area. Here at The Woodland Retreat there are permanent residents so we like to keep noise to a minimum. We ask that those staying in the bell tent please respect fellow residents and our local neighbors. There is a quite time from 22.00 (10pm) onwards around the site.

We reserve the right to ask campers who act inappropriately or do not follow our noise guidelines to leave. We offer a light alcohol consumption space and vegetarian site. If you are going to drink alcohol, please keep this to a minimum and to your allocated camp site area designated by the hessian rope. There is a no alcohol policy anywhere else in the retreat.

Your safety

The Woodland Retreat site landscape include some slopes, rough terrain, trees, brambles and other natural hazards. Depending on the weather, conditions can be cold, wet, slippery or hot, dry and brittle. We recommend that you come prepared with suitable clothing and footwear, so that you can enjoy the charm of the natural environment in all its diversity. Adults are responsible for ensuring their own safety and the safety of any children in their care. You must also expect that at certain times of the year creatures such as wasps, mice, spiders, mosquitoes, midges or ants may enter your bell tent.

Please avoid walking in the woods due to health and safety reasons (e.g. falling dead branches, falling dead trees, waterways etc.), please refer to the map for ‘safe zones’ if you do so you do so entirely at your own risk.

The Woodland Retreat reserves the right to close the retreat in extreme or dangerous weather conditions. The decision to do this is entirely at our discretion. If this does happen and it is in the night you will be asked to take you’re bedding and sleep in the main Woodland Shala building.

Our site is adjoining to neighbors. Please do not enter onto their land.

The use of gas cookers, gas heaters or naked flames is not allowed at any time in any of our bell tents whilst on the site due to fire and carbon monoxide poisoning and other hazards. All cooking is to be taken place in the camping utility pod or your allocated camp fire. Please read the instructions on how to light a camp fire located in your bell tent manual. If you use a disposable bbq we ask you place it inside the camp fire (outlined by fire bricks). Once it has cooled down we ask you to put it in bin provided and take the rubbish home with you.

Please do not climb around the outside of the bell tent on the platform decking, there are two plant pots to stop people walking around the outside of the decking area where there are hazards. Decking and stair way may be slippery in wet conditions please take care. Please do not tamper with the ropes around the bell tent or the bell tent itself.

The road/trackway outside your bell tent is used by residents and people who attend The Woodland Shala for yoga classes. There is a 5mph speed limited on this road/trackway. Please be very careful not to play on the road or block it due to the fire safety policy.

For More information please read the Risk Assesment

Fire Safety Policy including camp fire

It is your responsibility to read the fire safety procedures written in the folder provided in your tent, so you know what to do in the event of a fire. It is your responsibility to remove yourself and keep yourself safe. There is to be no naked flames in the bell tent or in any indoor spaces including candles and incense or on any outdoor space except when lighting your camp fire. Please be aware the woodland floor can easily set alight in dry conditions including the woodchip and leave mould. The road/track is to be kept clear at all times.

In event of a fire please dial 999 address is The Plantation Ashlake Copse Lane Fishbourne. Please read the safety card provided in your tent and in the camping utility pod. Smoking is strictly prohibited on site.

Camp fire and firewood

Please read the instruction manual on ‘how to build and tend a camp fire’.

If you use a disposable bbq please keep it inside of the circle of bricks defining the camp fire area, after use wait for it to cool down and dispose of it in your bin.

Please make sure any camp fires you have are burnt down to embers before you leave unattended.

You must supply your own firewood. You must not collect firewood, kindling or any materials from the woodland area. Fallen dead wood provides a natural habitat for many creatures. Please use only firewood brought by you onto site or as directed by our staff.


The Car Parking places

There is one car parking bay for your Bell Tent, you may only bring one car. A map on how to get here and where to park your car is attached to your email and on the website. Please only stick to your allocated parking slot, please do not park anywhere else of the site unless otherwise instructed. The main through road must remain unblocked at all times for emergency access. There is no space for other vehicles on site so any visiting guests will have to find alternatively parking.  All cars, vehicles, motorbikes, bikes or other vehicles are parked at their owner’s risk. The Woodland Retreat accepts no liability for loss or damage to cars, vehicles, motorbikes, bikes or other vehicles.

Click here for map


Camping Utility Pod

This space has everything you need to cook and keep clean including a washing machine.  In the pod there is a folder, please ensure you read its contents for your safety. All instruction manuals can be found in there too.

Cleaning Policy

We ask that you leave your Bell Tent in a clean and tidy state upon your departure. Please leave the camping utility pod clean as you found it and ensure you take any left-over food home with you. It is a condition of your stay that you wash all cooking equipment and dishes used during your stay and you leave things as you found them. Please rinse around the shower cubicle on the cold setting after each use as there could be many campers using it.

Refuse Policy

We ask that you take all refuse and recycling home with you at the end of your stay. We have provided a bin for you to put your refuse in. There is also a green bin in the camping utility pod for your food waste which we will compost. Just as a reminder this is a meat free zone.

Footwear Policy

We ask that you take your shoes off when going inside any indoor spaces. There are shelfs inside the spaces for you to place your shoes on as soon as you enter the space. You may wish to bring slippers or warm socks etc. for use in indoor spaces. You may step onto the grey mat just inside the entrance and remove and leave your footwear there. Thank you for your co-operation this means inside spaces are clean.

Bedding and towels

In the bell tent we provide one double bed and two single beds with bedding and towels for 4 people. The double bed will be made up and all linen is provided for the other beds located in the wooden chest along with blankets. It would be so helpful if you would kindly leave all used bedding and towels in the washing machine in the camping utility pod when you leave.

Energy consumption

Please be mindful about energy consumption and water use at the same time making sure you are warm and comfortable. We get our energy from a sustainable electric company and we are mindful about how much we use here.


No smoking is allowed inside the bell tent or within The Woodland retreat facilities or on site. Please go off site if you wish to smoke.

Hiring the bell tent for an event

There is to be no more than 10 persons in the bell tent at one time due to restricted access and exit.


We offer an opportunity to rest from drinking alcohol at the retreat. However if you wish to drink please keep this to your camping area as indicated by the hessian rope. During retreats stays we operate a no alcohol policy to fully embrace your experience here.


We are not responsible for any of your belongings in the event of them being lost, stolen or damaged. We strongly recommend you don’t leave valuable items unattended.

General Agreements.

1    You agree to look after the Bell Tent. This means you must keep all furniture, fittings and effects, (inside or outside) in the same state of repair and condition as at the start of your booking, and you agree to leave it clean and tidy. If you break these conditions, we may make an additional cleaning charge and/or make a claim against you for repair or loss as a result of damage caused. You must ensure you look after the floor, keep the ventilation flaps closed and bell tent zipped up to prevent flooding.

2    You are expected to show due consideration for other people, including other guests, local residents and our staff. If you abuse the property or display dangerous or offensive behavior towards the staff, landowners or any third party, we may refuse to allow you access to the Bell Tent and property or ask you to leave before the end of the holiday. If this happens we will treat you’re booking, as if it has been cancelled by you and you will not be entitled to any refund.

3    You are in a natural environment and as such you agree to respect all local flora and fauna. Any damage, willful or negligent, will be taken seriously and may result in you and your party being requested to leave the campsite. In such cases, we will treat you’re booking as having been cancelled by you and you will not be entitled to any refund.

4    You must allow us access to the Bell Tent at any reasonable time during your stay.

5    The number of people sleeping in the Bell Tent may not exceed the number agreed when booking.

Special Requests

If you have special requests or needs, you are responsible for telling us at the time of booking.  If you have a disability that may affect your stay at The Woodland Retreat, please tell us before we confirm your booking.  We will do our best to accommodate you but will let you know if we are not able to meet your needs.

WE SUPPORT THE COUNTRYSIDE CODE and ask all our guests to do the same.

Code for the public

Respect other people

Protect the natural environment

Enjoy the outdoors

Your Happiness and Satisfaction!

It makes us happy if you enjoy your stay with us!  If you have any problems during your stay, please let the staff know immediately so we can try and sort them out while you are here. If you have any complaints thereafter, please address them to

Maitri, The Woodland Retreat, The Plantation Ashlake Copse Lane, Fishbourne Isle Of Wight.

The Woodland Retreat or their staff shall not be liable for any loss or damage to visitor’s property, however caused. We accept no liability for injury or death sustained to any party whilst on our retreat site.

Keep yourself safe and stay in the safe Zones on the map provided

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The Woodland Retreat, The Plantation, Ashlake Copse Lane, Fishbourne Isle Of Wight