Letting Go Into The Now

You are warmly invited to an exhibition of art work by Maitri Clare Matthews called ‘Letting go into the Now’ and a private viewing of Appletrees, a new build for sale in Ashlake Copse Road in Fishbourne.

JPEG Open day

Here is a preview of some of the arts works that will be exhibited.

Letting Go Into The Now….

Maitri is exhibiting old and new art works to move more deeply into the now and the unfolding of life. She has a B.A Honours in Fine Art and is a fully qualified Art and Design Teacher. This exhibition is show casing 20 years of art work never exhibited before and her intention is to sell the work to move forward into the now, using the money to create a new project supporting children and young adults.



Flowing to Connect

Flowing to Connect 30cm x 30cm


The Spirit of Amsterdam A1

The Spirit of Amsterdam

Chaos in Colour A2

Chaos in Colour