Testimonials ‘ What Yoga students are saying about Yoga’

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‘I have been practicing yoga on and off for about 30 years. It has so many health benefits and is excellent for relaxation. I find it a way of life rather than just a practice on my mat. As I suffer from a chronic illness and not able to do any kind of exercise I find yoga very helpful. It keeps me flexible and helps with muscle tightness. I also find it very calming and relaxing. I try to practice gentle yoga, yoga nidra and mediation at home. I feel I have become more flexible and also calmer. It has helped me cope better with my illness. I find Maitri a very inspirational teacher. She teaches in a very kind and compassionate way. Her website if full of useful yoga information that I find very helpful. The Shala is a very calm space for yoga in a beautiful setting and its very peaceful.’  Johanna


‘ I am able to deal with the here and now rather than looking too far into the future.  I am retired and I practice at home.  I find the meditation has helped a great deal and I am more able to relax and sleep more soundly’.  Maitri is very clear in the way she explains the practises and the holistic style of the class is working for me. The building is conducive, ideal for mental and emotional insight’  Gill DSC_0007



‘The Holistic healing benefits my mind, body and soul.  As part of my spiritual journey yoga is also teaching me how to stay grounded in the physical world in order to access higher dimensions.  Time stands still, it is not an exercise class but you do lots of exercise in it.  My body feels more balanced.  My breathing and awareness of it has been a big benefit.  I am more flexible and enjoy moving my body into the various positions.  Afterwards I feel rejuvenated and happy.  Yoga has also given me a way to feel peace and calm on a daily basis.  The healing effects have been dramatic, yoga really helps me manage my feelings of depression and sadness.  Yoga has also helped me with routines and my chaotic nature. I now practise at home. Yoga is also helping me to identify the issues I need to work on (self-love).  My commitment to yoga is a commitment to myself to live a joyful and happy life.  I expect it to take a while.  Maitri very clearly explains practises without over explain.  Maitri uses her voice as an instrument to hold you in a place of peace for the hour and half.’



‘I attended some classes years ago and have wanted to return to the practice as I believe yoga is very beneficial to mind, body and soul.  On a physical level it has helped my lower back and also increased my core body strength.  On a mental level it has helped me to relax the mind and let go.  On a spiritual level it has shown me how closely all 3 aspects are linked- the mind, body, and spirit- each one affecting the other.’

Blair Frazer-Smith




‘I wanted to learn how to relax, maintain flexibility and cope with stress better so I gave yoga a try. My moods are far more balanced, less likely to fly off the handle.  Flexibility and balance have also improved.  I try to practice yoga at home in-between classes.’

Karen Porter

‘I was first introduced to yoga at school when I was 14 years old and really enjoyed it.  The breathing practices have certainly helped my asthma and improved my health. Yoga has given me a sense of wellbeing.  Yoga nidra has become my ultimate relaxation tool. Very helpful to get to sleep and in the dentist chair!’ Maitri demonstrated how to use a neti pot which I found very useful.  All practices are fully explained’

Teresa Lemon

‘I felt I needed a spiritual and physical practice and yoga has provided both.  I find the breathing and relaxation practices enable me to be in the moment and the asanas keep me flexible.  Since practicing yoga I feel as though I have become a calmer person and more flexible, I also practice yoga at home.  I feel the breathing techniques, yoga nidra and chanting very helpful during the nights when I am unable to sleep.  Maitri explains the practices very clearly and I find her to be an excellent teacher.  She is encouraging and understanding.  The Shala has a wonderful atmosphere, perfect for yoga. ‘

Sue Bradman