What can you expect in a yoga class

When you arrive you will be asked to take off your shoes when coming into The Shala and to collect a yoga mat (or you can bring your own), ensure you are wearing comfortable clothing.

Once you have arrived you can lie on your back on your mat or sit in a chair if you can’t lie down. Each class will be different but usually we build on different practices so you will be familiar with them and can work with them at home. Each classes lasts 90 minutes.

A talk on yoga for stress

Yoga class format


There will be some chanting which you can listen to or join in if you wish. This is not religious and just works with sound to create a relaxing feeling.

Asana (physical movements)

Asana are physical movements that help keep the body flexible and healthy. The teacher will verbally repeat the instructions and then you will move your body in gentle movements to suit your needs.  The class will be differentiated to suit the different needs of the students.


Pranayama (breathing work)

You will be asked to watch your breath and explore different ways to use the breath.  There are many different types of breathing practice for different things.  For example if you wanted a calming breath you might practice Bhramari (The humming bee breath) .  If you need some energy for physical activity you might practice bhastrika (The bellows breath)



Relaxation is essential in the modern world we now live in.  Often we think have an alcoholic drink or a cigarette is relaxing but this is really a distraction.  The practice of yoga nidra is very beneficial to reduce stress and bring about calm and relaxation. It a very easy practice and once you have learnt it you can easily work with it at home.



There are many meditation practices which are very beneficial for getting to know ourselves more deeply and to develop concentration and relaxation. A practice often done with beginners is Trataka (candle gazing). This is a great practice for helping you to concentrate, it helps with sleeping and is great for finding greater clarity in your life.


In each class there will be chanting, asanas, pranayama and either a relaxation practice or a meditation.

You are welcome to talk to Maitri after the class to discuss any concerns you have or to share the wonderful benefits you are finding from the class.