What people are saying about Maitri’s Offerings…..

Feedback from the Yoga classes

‘I have founds Matri’s yoga sessions of considerable benefit to my physical and emotional health. Maitri is an excellent teacher who never fails to inspire me. Her teaching and guidance is clear and well adjusted to suit all abilities. I love the idea of ‘pop up yoga sessions’ and I very much look forward to many more in the future.’

‘The class is me time without disruption or distraction. You go at your own pace and how you feel – no competition. Everyone is lovely and I love it.’
‘We both enjoyed the yoga classes. Milo said he found it deeply relaxing and meditative.
I really like your warmth and compassion as a teacher and your use of the harmonium was lovely too. Found the class gentle which is what i need at the moment and it has helped me get
back in touch with doing yoga after a gap of a few years. I liked your attention to individuals ensuring people worked with their energy and ability on that day and with any problems they may have. The environment was warm and welcoming and the yoga Nidra deeply relaxing. Thank you Namaste’

Yoga Nidra Day Retreat Feedback 

‘Enchanting and Awakening’
This Nidra Yoga Day was an opening to a new world and practice which fills you up with positivity.
Thank you

‘Wonderful day doing this Autumn Retreat with Maitri. It was such as relaxing day and by the end I felt totally relaxed without a care in the world. A great opportunity to take some precious time for yourself. Thank you Maitri’

‘A real retreat! so pleased I gave myself permission to come along. Especially loved the yoga nidra practise, an introduction to Kirtan chanting (need a bit more practice) and spending time in a beautiful space with beautiful beings.’

‘GREAT combination of yoga asanas, deep relaxation and Kirtan/chanting combine to make this a wonderful Yoga Nidra day, restorative both for ‘old hands’ and beginners. (Also helps that Maitri can sing!) Unexpectedly good mix of ‘plant based’ lunch from us all, eaten outside, and shared humour. When is the next ‘Pop UP’?’

Feedback from Yoga Nidra Day Retreat – Creating A Sacred Space

I would like to share some of the feedback from the day to celebrate the practice of Yoga Nidra and Yoga and how its has the power to direct you back to the truth of your very own being, that of peace and calm and the the sacred space is within.

‘I got so much out of the yoga retreat. I enjoyed the morning session as it really helped me to empty all of my stresses. Maitri used visitation exercises (this bit I have added ‘place your thoughts in an imaginary basket’, very simple but effective) which were very effective. I liked how non-competitive the session was. You didn’t have to be super fit either. I loved the afternoon session as it varied the course. We came away with lots of ideas for creating a very sacred space at home. Its given me the nudge I needed to start doing this for myself. Chanting was more interesting the I had thoughts. I have no criticism what’s so ever. I had a wonderful experience, Thank you’

‘It was a beautiful way to continue my journey. The day was a good mixture of different things and I leave with a start to my sacred space’

‘Excellent informative day. The Yoga Nidra was amazing and the day really helped me in setting up my sacred space at home. The shared lunch was lovely and it was nice to sit and talk with each other. Thank you for an amazing day’

‘Thank you Maitri for another wonderful yoga retreat day. The theme of creating a sacred space was a perfect opportunity to explore and initiate the beginnings of creating our own space at home.’

‘I didn’t know what to expect but I enjoyed it. I can take away the Yoga Nidra practice and use it at home. A good introduction to a new form of yoga for me. Thank you Maitri’