Yoga Timetable and Dates


6.30-8pm For beginners or with some experience


9.30- 11.00 am  For Improvers ( at least 1 year practising yoga)

11.30-13.00 Art classes ‘Creating Mandalas’ over this 6 week course we will look at what mandalas are and how we can use different media to create these wonderful shapes and patterns.

 Please contact Maitri if you wish to join a class.

Classes run during term time at the times below and are run in either 5, 6, 7 or 8 week blocks depending on how this fits in with the current school timetable. If you would like to join a class please contact Maitri to arrange the class which would best suit your needs and ability.

Classes running in 2017

6 week course

January 9th  – 13th Feb

6 week course

27th February – 3rd April

5 week course

24th April- 22nd May

7 week course

5th June- 17th July