Yoga with Maitri- Collaborating with other artists

Maitri has been collaborating with other artist as a way to create and explore different experiences using yoga and sound to create a blissful and relaxed experience for all.

Yoga with Maitri and Serenity Healing

Maitri and Serenity Healing collaborated to create a wonderful mix of yoga and gong vibrations.  With the systematic style of yoga that Maitri teaches which lead you into deep states of relaxation followed by gentle healing sounds of the gongs the immersion was very healing and loved by all.

Yoga with Maitri and Kyle Abram

Maitri and Kyle collaborated to combine healing flute sounds and gentle yoga practices to create a really beautiful and serene experience taking you into deep states of bliss and tranquillity.  Kyle learnt the flute in Thailand with his yoga teacher and continues to play now to create healing vibrations, wonderful tones and sounds that melt you into a blissful state of wonderfulness.