Yoga with Maitri – Sharing Yoga at Festivals

 Practising yoga at festivals is a wonderful way to  re-connect with yourself and your needs making sure your feeling good amongst the joy and festivities of connecting with people at festivals.  Yoga also helps you to relax and let go so you can fully embrace all that festivals have to offer.


The Yoga Vibe is a fantastic local festival to the Isle Of Wight located at the wonderful Botanic Gardens.  This year its getting even better and we are really excited to be heading over that way to teach some great yoga and workshops. Keep updated on the website

Yoga Vibe 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July 2016.

Ventnor Fringe 2016

The Ventnor Fringe is such an inspiring, creative festival here on the Isle of Wight with so much talent.  Each year familiar faces arrive to the yoga classes from afar as well as new faces. There are always simple new practices to be shared and enjoyed and really help you to move into the festive vibe by chilling you out and giving you a little more energy’

Listen to Maitri talking about the benefits of yoga at the Ventnor Fringe in 2015


Colourfest 2016


Save The Date

We are really excited to be taking yoga from the Isle Of Wight to the Colourfest in June.  This is a really wonderful festival and we are delighted that Yoga with Maitri and Stone from Rhythms of the Earth Tribe will be collaborating to deliver traditional yoga with harmonises sounds from the flute.
This is a truly fabulous festival if you are looking for something a little more wild and free then this is for you.

About Stone

Stone Red Fire is an artist: musician, singer and dancer; a performer and a teacher. He is an experienced drum and voice facilitator teaching for over 20 years. Mostly self-taught, also studied with various masters of drumming and singing as well as native people of Africa. His singing concentrates on primal improvised harmonies, wild sounds of nature, and energy of a tribe. His dance is rooted in deep tribal body and mind connection with other dancers. The sounds of his meditative bamboo flute take you on a journey.

Stone will also be joining us for the Wondrous Woodland Festival

Isle of Wight Pop Festival

At the Isle Of Wight Pop Festival in 2015 Maitri collaborated with Kyle and louis to deliver some wonderful yoga practices and healing sounds from the flute other wonderful instruments.



Isle of Wight Ventnor Healing Festival 2016

The Healing Festival is a great way to connect to wonderful positive and uplifting alternative healing practices. We are delighted to be teaching yoga and art at the festival this year which will be wonderful. We are so lucky to have people like Gianpaolo Giancovich on the Island who have the inspiration to create such an uplifting and positive festival experience.

Dates 27th, 28th, 29th August 2016