Visualise a cosy cabin in the woods with scatter cushions and seats, chilled out uplifting tunes (hand picked to uplift your mood) and wonderful tantalising treats. We hope to create a space where you can relax with your friends, family or come on your own and connect with people to experience something wholesome and authentic.

Alternative teas and coffee substitutes will be sold as well as high quality plant based (dairy, gluten & sugar free) home-made treats such as home-made chocolates, bliss bites and brownies. Prices will vary to suit all budgets, but we will be using high quality ingredients to create something special, its all about quality not quantity.

These tantalising inspiring treats aren’t your usual cafe style cakes, these are healthy for you! We are passionate to share alternative ways to enjoy delicious treats without comprising on your health.

Our aim is to inspire you with nourishing healthy alternatives that are really simple and easy to create, that are fun, exciting and delicious.


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